Parish Staff

Father Samuel Danso

Father Samuel Danso is a priest of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa. He is pastor of three parishes in rural south central Iowa: Sacred Heart, Chariton; Saint Francis of Assisi, Corydon; and Saint Brendan, Leon.

Staff Directory

Deacon Eric Bertrand

Asst. Deacon

Deacon Tom Hunkele

Asst. Deacon

Jen Fehrer

Co-Dir. of RE (Sacred Heart)

Tiffany Johnston

Co-Dir. of RE (Sacred Heart)

Terri Leahy

Director of RE
(St. Brendan)

Mary Chapman

(Sacred Heart)

Sheila Laing

Sacred Heart Trustee

Terry Baughman

Sacred Heart Trustee

Sheila Adams

Sacred Heart Parish Council Chair

Jim Burbridge

Sacred Heart Finance Council Chair